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Thread: I need a rendering plz

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    Quote Originally Posted by blazerlover View Post
    thats cool man some people went out and did fun things and some people live in there moms basements and work on computer drawings
    but I like your moms basement! free sex! :D LOL J/K
    Gerald "WHATABURGER" Martin

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    Very nice work. That's way above and beyond a quick Photoshop lowering job.
    Genius by birth, Slacker by choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whataburger View Post
    but I like your moms basement! free sex! :D LOL J/K
    Nice!!! lol. Very nice work you do man thats really incredible

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    Thts a sweet rendering !

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    listen i never met whataburger but i know he pours his heart and soul into his work and i agree with him. if you want a simple chop, then ask for it. a rendering is completely different as he said. and yeas i've also noticed people help less than they used to but i feel there's 2 main reasons for that too: 1. there's more people on every forum now that have no experience but will aregue that they "know better" after given advice when asked. why am i gonna help someone if they're just gonne tell me i'm wrong? and 2. the people that used to often give advice on certain things really do know their shyt and have made carrers out of it so they simply dont have the time they used to. no reason for anyone to go keyboard commando over it, just a part of life. alot of people on this board(and others) have grown together in the lifestyle and some of us will get old and leave and the cycle will repeat when more noobs come around.

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    dam guys sorry if i got this fight started didn't think it would get out of hand

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