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Thread: Trans ?'s

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    Trans ?'s

    I recently got a 91 s10 with a 2.8/ question is i want to put my 4.3 out of my blazer into the s10, and want to keep the standard can i use a newer model nv3500 from a newer model s10 with a 4.3? i know it will bolt up...but will the stock tranny crossmember work? Will all the lines, and speedo sensor, and everything just bolt up? This is my first time messing with a manual transmission....And if not what will be required to make this set up work? Thanks in advance....
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    The NV uses an internal slave, so the clutch lines will need to be different. Transmission x member may need to be changed, but you may not know until you bolt it up. What year is the 4.3? That will likely make a difference with the speedo sensor amongst other things dealing with the PCM/ECM.
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