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Thread: spindles .... on my 02 x blazer

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    Cool spindles .... on my 02 x blazer

    i have a question and i,m wondering why i can,t take spindles from an s-10 and install on my blazer....... take everything from upper ball joint to lower ball joint , the spindles bearings ,rotors,calipers, everything and swap them ... is the weight transfer to front bearings, is it front-end geometry , and so on.... just thought i would ask ....thanks .. 2002 extreme blazer 55000 miles

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    you can you just wont stop that well because you have free floating dual caliber brakes which is better than s10
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    Is there something wrong with the blazers brakes? Why not just swap spindles?
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    98+ blazers and every other s series have different spindles

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