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Thread: running like .. sh!t

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    running like .. sh!t

    Ok, so the last 4 months i really haven't touched my blazer much because its been running like crap and I just had my daughter so i haven't had time to try to fix it. Now its to the point where I can barely drive it cause its spitting and sputtering so badly. Its throwing the "Camshaft to crankshaft correlation fault" code. I think its p1345? I'm not near my phone to check it. So I took it to a local well known shop cause, well.. I'm too busy to deal with it myself.

    So after a day at the shop, they tell me it was without a doubt the distributor and that they wanted $392 to fix it.. its an f'ing distributor.. so i said screw that.. and took it home and I JUST now put a new one in it, with new cap, new rotor... and its still just pissing all over itself.. I'M SO F'ING HEATED right now!!

    Idle is fine, reverse doesn't seem to have a hiccup, its only seeming to do it when im at low speed accelerating from a stop and at light throttle pressure. If I give it 3/4 to full throttle, absolutely no problem with it at all.. WHAT THE F&^% IS GOING ON!! The check engine light is STILL on, although I haven't checked the code yet cause I don't wanna take it to the auto parts store cause I'm embarrassed at how shitty it runs I don't wanna be seen in it... LOL!

    any help?
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    when's the last time you changed the plugs and wires?

    My xtreme did the same thing and it was the wires. I had done a full tune up minus the wires earlier in the year......I checked and changed just about everything and it was just the wires.

    Also it could be your cat going out.
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    I can totally relate to your frustrations. My 98 had P1435 for a long time. It prevented it from being inspected for years.

    I know its not much help, but I can tell you what I tried to replace to fix the same issue.

    -Cap, rotor, wires, plugs.
    -brand new distributor
    -vaccuum lines
    -Cam/crank shaft sensor (the one low on the engine, not within the dist. I always get them confused)
    -Swapped ECU with another 98 for awhile
    -Had a buddy with a ScanTool force a relearn procedure on it.

    If I cleared the code on a cool day I could go miles and miles with it running well and no check engine light. But I was never able to get it through the inspection pre-tests. It would always come back before it was ready for inspection. ALWAYS. Even if it was out for days prior.

    I searched high and low how to fix it. But bad news... my ultimate solution was to sell it. I hope you have better luck.

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    Hey man did u ever find the problem ? Let us know if ya did man thx
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