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Thread: LS Blazer help

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    LS Blazer help

    I'm swapping and 2005 escalade 5.3ls into my 95 4dr was wondering if anyone out there has done an ls swap in a blazer that could give me any tips or help me with wiring??? I also really want too run a 5 or 6spd transmission but im having trouble on find what trannys/bell housings will work for this any ideas???

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    1,434 is the place i went to get all the info to mod the harness.

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    Your truck looks 4wd in the picture. Is that so? Haven't seen too many swaps with 4wd and from what I have seen it looks more challenging.

    I suggest reading up in the LSx part of S10forum. Tons and tons of info there. Here is my write up on doing it on a tight budget. It is still a work in process, but other than the wiring most of the info has been proven out before by others.

    T56 is about your only 6 speed option. You will need an LS1 style transmission from a Camaro for it to bolt up.

    5 speeds i'm not terribly familiar with, but most of the trucks use the NV4500 which isn't well suited for performance because of size and gearing. An NV3500 might work, but I don't know what vehicle to pull one from with the correct bellhousing.
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