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Thread: Blazer Drop Photos

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    Blazer Drop Photos

    Is there any photos out there that show drop heights associated with the amount in inches of front/rear drop? For example I would like to see a photo associated with a 2" front drop and a 2" rear drop, 2" front drop and 3" rear drop, 3" front drop 4" rear drop etc, etc.

    I am going to lower my 2002 Blazer but would like to see a pic of the height I want my truck to be associated with the front/rear drop dimensions.


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    That's really subject to the truck, what you have in it (stereo, full tank of gas, your fat ass, etc). If you're going to drop it I'd go to a couple car shows to see what people have done. Also, anything more than four inches in the back will make you want to c-notch it to gain some suspension travel back, so factor that in too. I can almost guarantee you will want to go lower than you originally think you do.

    My first gen is a 4" drop in the front, spindles and springs, with a 5.5" drop in the rear, 3.5" leafs (that I wound up removing a leaf and replacing with the factory overload leaf) and 1.5" blocks.

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