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Thread: Cigg lighter??

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    Cigg lighter??

    on my blazer my cig lighter has power going to it at all times, even when the truck is off. which leads to a problem with my hooking up a perminate i phone charger. i dont want to have to plug an un plug everytime i need it or dont need it , i would like to make it perminate because i dont need it to light ciggerates. so my question is does anyone know a way that i can make the cigg lighter only come on when the truck is on instead of all the time???

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    if the phone isnt plugged into the charger, the charger itself shouldnt pull much power at all.

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    If its that big of an issue, get behind the plug and you'll see there are 2 wires, in a second gen there's a connector there. Just disconnect, or cut the hot wire. Then extend it over to an ignition only source and tie it in.
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