Can't see how frame flex is ever good. You would be popping out windows, doors wouldn't open, body panels won't line up, etc. You want a frame to be as strong as possible for the suspension to work as best as possible. Naturally you can't make a frame that doesn't flex, but I would think you would want to minimize any flex.

As for the c-notch thing, if the frame is the only variable, then yes, removing half the frame height will certainly weaken it. The plate helps to overcome that. But it isn't just the frame, the body is part of vehicle strength too. I would be interested to see data with a body attached.

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i think a key thing to also think of is a fully boxed frame, as well as over reinforced frame is not good as well... a car or trucks chassis is to flex some, this flex asorbes stress which prevents cracking... with out a frame or uni body flexing, stress cracks are more prone. food for thought as well.

you want the chassis to be strong but not overly strong