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Thread: Tool question on the 4x4 drop

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    Tool question on the 4x4 drop

    I had posted earlier about my front end only dropping an inch when I pulled the torsion bar bolts out, it has not leveled out at all. Is it going to look alright being dropped only 3 inches in the back if I do the torsion bar trick up front and drop it 6 inches? Or will it look like a dragster, the back, though only 3 inches just almost tucks inside the wheel wells. Also I am a little fuzzy on what a two jaw puller that the same as a gear puller? Is there anything else that will compress the key up off the block in order to get the key out?

    Thanks in advance.:rolleyes:

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    A two-jaw-puller is like a gear puller or a steering wheel puller but with 2 jaws instead of 3. It's the only tool that works (that I know of).
    Here's a pic of a 6/3 drop on a 4x4:
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