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Thread: Need drop suggestions...

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    Need drop suggestions...

    I just picked a 2000 blazer 2 dr 2wd 5 speed with the z85 in the glove box. Well, it just sits too high for me. I want to lower it to about a 3.5/4 drop. (zq8 coils in front/2 inch spindles and 4 inch blocks in back) I want to run stock rims and tires (p235/70/15) and I was just wondering if Il have any problems rubbing? Or if that drop is stupid with stock rims and tires what would be a good one? thanks alot.

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    You should be fine with that drop. I say go for it.
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    I'd stay away from 4" blocks and swap in some leaves with the blocks instead. More expensive, but you will have less wheel hop issues from the extra leverage the block will have. There is also less chance of breaking a shorter block. I recommend 2" blocks with Z87 leaves (xtreme blazer), but belltech 3" leaves with a 1" block wouldn't be terrible either. Z87 is the RPO the Blazers use for their ZQ8/xtreme suspension. If you use the Z87 springs on all four corners I also recommend the factory/bilstein Z87 shocks. Rear shocks are $70 at Amazon and fronts are $55, but there is a bit of a wait from there. I'm sure they can be found elsewhere for a similar price.

    Here are the GM p/n's for the Z87 parts

    Front Spring: 15057850
    Front Shocks: 15056363 or AC Delco 540-65
    Rear Leaf Spring: 15225513
    Rear Shocks: 15056364 or AC Delco 540-66
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    I agree with the 3" leafs & 1" blocks. Thats what I plan on doing as well. It'll also be a better ride than the 4" blocks.
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