Hi guys! I just joined the forums here and this is a pretty sweet place with lots of amazing rides. I do hav a few questions about making my blazer look lie the ones on here. Ok so I'm really wanting a 3/3 or 3/4 drop on my 4x4. I'm pretty good at working on stuff so I don't think adding drop blocks for the rear would be a problem for me, but what do I hav to do to the front to drop it. I have seen people loosen the bolts on the torsion bar so is it really as simple as loosening the bolts and taking the bump stops off??? Also a really big question is how does the lowering effect the geometry and the wearing of parts? Finally, when I was at dobbs they said there are very few rims that fit the blazer bc of the weird offsets that the 4x4 has. What offset does the blazer have and I have seen a few blazers with Corvette wheels so how well do they fit?

Thanks so much!!!