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Thread: gonna start this now..... 350 inside?

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    yeah, shift kits are a good idea because they dont allow the clutches to slip as much which increases the life of the trans. not easy to install tho. especially if the trans is still in the vehicle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIR SIC View Post
    Yea, but you can tune the shifts on the 4l60e to firm them up a lot.
    from a trans builder, it's not recommended to tune your shifts firmer without a shift kit. when you do this it increases line pressure but doesn't allow more fluid into the valve body.

    Quote Originally Posted by dragnblazer View Post
    How? shift kit?
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    700r4's are nice, but they dont last with 375+hp

    i went thru 3 before I switched to TH-400

    but I do miss the overdrive, but drive the truck only for leisure
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