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Thread: Axle hitting tank

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    Axle hitting tank

    Hey guys, been doing some research on how to resolve my problem of my axle hitting the back of the gas tank without much luck. So here's what I got 2000 4 door blazer bagged on 20s with 2 link In the rear and SD bolt in blazer notch. Ive still got another inch or two before its sitting on the notch but the gas tank is holding it up. My question is if I raise the tank up will it solve my problem or do I need to section the tank? Also plan on tubbing the rear and putting a bigger notch at some point but until I fix this problem it's no use. Also have tank, compressor, valves mounted In the rear soo 2 door tank option is not really the way I way go. Any advice will be great thanks

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    switch to a 2 door tank behind the axle. Your going to have to make some mounts for it, but its been done a bunch on bag'd 4 doors

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    buy a fuel cell if you plan on tubbing that thing..

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