So BL1 has been chewing through starters for the last few years, like 1 or 2 per season. Ive been able to get $40 ebay replacements so I didnt really care about the actual cause

but after going thru another one, I realized today that my flexplate is bent. Looking at it from the side, it its wobbling forward and back when I crank it.

So I ordered a new TCI flexplate. My access to a lift has been cut off due to my friend getting a divorce and selling everything, lol.

Im going to attempt to R&R this in my driveway.

My plan is to replace the 4 lower bellhousing bolts with the longest bolt I can find, and use that to slide the trans back, while keeping it in position. I'll support the tailshaft with a jack, but I figure if its 'on rails' it will be very easy to mate it back to the engine.

Is this a great idea, or destined for failure?