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Thread: 2 component sets installed today....6.5 MB Quart front and rear doors

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    2 component sets installed today....6.5 MB Quart front and rear doors

    Bought these from Amazon for 113 bucks shipped (Amazon Prime account). Part number FSB 216. I must say, for the price, I like em. Running them off the head unit for now. Took a little fine tuning to get it to my liking, but definately worth the money. Tweeters are not overpowering like the older sets I used to hear. Budget build for sure, but first one in a loooooong time.

    Took about 4 hours start to finish (lunch in there somewhere).

    Here's the pics:

    Had to make extension rings for rear door speakers. 1/2 inch MDF

    Also modified the door panel in rear. Cut off ring that meets speaker.

    Trim ring mounted to door, and speaker mounted to ring.

    Rear tweeter location:

    Sounds pretty good, even with the low tweeter locations. Gonna add in Boston Acoustics 4 x 6 coaxs in the dash to fill in the front after I get my amps. 4 channel amp to run these components, and run the dash off the head unit.

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    looks pretty good tho nice work

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    you need to paint those wood rings, moisture will seep into them and ruin them in no time. Even some cheap walmart $.99 flat black will work, its what we use at work
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