Hey All,

I just bought my 1st '87 Blazer after wanting one since...well, '87.

I LOVE IT, and I wanna make it stop and turn as well as possible before I drop an LS1/6 speed in it<---this WILL happen. It is already lowered with blocks in the back and cut stock springs in the front...

My 1st stop: 84-87 C4 Vette (flat face, 16" SALAD SHOOTER) wheels, and all things urethane on the front.

Here's ALL my questions. Answers to any or all of these without mention os my self admitted ignorance would be greatly appreciated.

1. Will these wheels fit?
2. If so, what spacers/adapters are needed?
3. What 16" tire sizes work?
4. Can I eventually graft other Vette stuff to the front AND REAR suspension?
5. Who makes the best urethane and upgraded front end parts?
6. I live in CA. Is there a one stop shopping S10 spot?
7. Has anyone put an LS1 in an S10 Blazer?
8. How does one determine the ride height one's S10 has been lowered?

Thanks SOOO much in advance, guys