well well well, looks like its time to finish the blazer. for those of you who remember, i started a ls swap about 3 years ago. then i bought a house, had lots of other projects, and money went else where haha. enough is enough tho and its time to finish it and do a giant two tire cooker. i had a previous thread called winter project updates located here http://www.blazinlow.com/forum/showt...ghlight=winter with some stuff when i still had the 4.3, and some stuff of the ls swap. decided to make a new thread tho as its a v8 swap, and its not winter haha. started working on it again this weekend and got pretty much the entire fuel system done, just need a few fittings at the regulator that will be here this week. also got a good jump on the engine wiring, all thats left is transmission stuff and splicing it into the vehicle harness. a good days work i would say. anyways on to the best part, pictures!

should have the whole harness done next weekend, updates to come!