Finally got around to taking some pictures of my new daily to post. It's an 03 Chevy s10 blazer 4 door with only 43000 miles on it. Got it for a decent deal. This makes number 4 for blazer's that I own as of right now lol. I have an 06 Trailblazer SS, this one, a 94 4 door and a 93 bagged and body dropped 4 door (work in progress). Had an ABS issue when I bought it, which the dealer told me he took care of by replacing the module under the hood. But that wasn't the issue. Ended up being a $60 sensor that's in the transmission for the rear speed sensor. She runs great now! Has a few minor dings here and there. Needs a good weekend spent with Adam's Polishes as well! Also need's new center caps. But I think they're discontinued! I haven't really looked that hard for a set, but I can't find any on Ebay, and I think I remember reading somewhere about them being discontinued. Any info on that would be helpful!

Only thing's I have done so far has been tinting the windows, 15% front's, 35% over factory, 5% drop, de-badged it and installed my Kenwood with Sirius radio on the inside. I have a set of DDM Tuning 4500 HIDs, just need the ballast for them. I also want to get clear headlights/corners, just unsure of which ones I wanna go with. Also want to get the tails lightly smoked. And maybe even add some LEDs for reverse and plate lights. I'm also thinking of adding a high flow cat and a set of flowmaster duals. I love the way my 94 sounds with that set up. Other than that I don't really have any other plans for it, other than to keep miles off the SS! HA... Maybe one day down the road my mini trucker in me will get the best of me and I'll lower it like I have the other's lowered. But for right now, it's fine!

Anyway, on with the pictures!