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Thread: could i lay frame?

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    could i lay frame?

    so i did some searching on here and other s10/blazer forums and some ppl are saying that on a 98+ 4dr you can lay hump on 20's with a 3.5" frame notch. i only have 205/65/15 tires on 15" steelies and i don't ever plan on going to anything bigger. could i lay frame even if i shaved the hump if i was only using the SD bolt in 2.25" notch. i have already done a 2dr tank swap so dragging tank with a shaved hump is already fixed.

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    it souns it will woek if the sd notch is only 2 1/4 so 3.5 should be fine ......just make sure it 3.5 on the inside where the alxe is an not the not of the notch

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