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Thread: 3 inch drop?

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    this is not too long after i got the 98......i changed the rims and tinted the front windows.i cant stand when the windows are not the same....its an eye sore

    right before i was ready to drop her i took her out and my hood popped up on me smashing my windshield,knocking off the mirror and destroied the hood.......i replaced them......then the drop......

    then i dropped it 3 in the front and 3 in the back....its been rainning nonstop for a month so the trucks dirty.....

    and with a new hood and new mirrors.......i have also added 40 series flowmaster duals a liscense plate weld in box,a 3000watt poweracoustic gothic sieres amp and 2 15inch solarbarics a sony deck and 5 inch 2 ways in the driver and passenger front doors.....rear door speakers are blownthose are im trying to decide what to do about paint....
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