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Thread: Suspension Suggestions

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    Suspension Suggestions

    I have a 88 Blazer and plain on running this Suspension setup Frt. and Rear. I would just like to get some more suggestions from other Gear Heads like mySelf. Now this is my daily driver, and yet i do want to have a little fun in it sometimes.. Sorry for the Long Write Up!! ThankS For Any And All Suggestion Help!!

    Front = 2" Drop spindles, Taller Upper and Lower ball joints( with the ball joints it lowers it an 1/2 on each side) so the hole Frt. will be lowered 2 1/2" total on each side, Tubler upper A-arms ( with steel shaft- #91031134-L (x2)Speedway Motors) , stock bottom A-arms, Moog Coil Spring Heavy Duty#5662 (748 ft.lbs.per.Sq.In), 2" Frt. Drop Shocks, 1 5/16 Swaybar, and Quick ratio steering gear box.

    Rear = 3" Drop springs, 7/8 Swaybar, 3" Drop shocks, and Cal-Tracs traction bars.

    Rims/Tires = Frt. 24 x8, 4.5 backspacing , and 255-35-24 Tire
    Rear 24 x10 5.5 backspacing / +18 offset , and 285-(30 or 35)-24 Tire

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    469 the balljoints, and I need to do that myself. The bump steer is horrible.
    If you're going to do tubular upper arms I would go ahead and do the lowers too. I would get a set from a more reputable company, plus if you do that the caster and camber will be improved.
    You don't need specific drop shocks, there's plenty of travel in stock length shocks.
    I love my quick ratio box. To do it right you need new tierods, center link pitman arm, and slave arm. And convert the steering shaft to something without the rubber bushing, like the jeep conversion or use Borgeson joints. There's a write up around here somewhere, or Google it.

    That wheel selection isn't even close to fitting. You're almost five inches too big in diameter in the front, I doubt you could even fit that in the wheel well, much less turn. Back is the same....just too tall a tire/wheel. Plus it would look funky as hell.

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    Speedway arms I believe are made by AFCO. Either way they are good arms, they run solid bushings so they will ride a little rough.
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