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    New guy

    Hey ya'll, i just bough ta 1990 S10 Blazer. It has the 4.3 V6 in it. It keeps throwing codes for the oxygen sensor circuit low voltage and the crankshaft position sensor. When i try to go to Oreillys to buy the CKP sensor it does not come up in the system. My question, Is the CKP sensor called something different like the Camshaft sensor or something? and also where is it located on the engine?

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    I don't think that engine has a crankshaft sensor. Not in a 1990. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Didn't happen until '96.

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    are you pulling the codes from your reader or are you taking the truck to the parts store to get it read? if your pulling it your self your scanner could be set for the wrong year, ya might wanna go get the codes pulled from the store your gonna get the parts from... correct me if im wrong but arent 1st gens ODBI and 2nd gens ODBII?
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