I purchased a 99 blazer with a newer low mileage engine from a freight truck. Problem is that the "mechanic" who owned it previously did not reinstall the oil filter relocation kit. Everything is there except for the adapter plate on the block. To change the filter I had to pull the driveshaft, the u joint/yoke, and grind some of the extra off of the bottom stud of the exhaust crossover.

I'm looking online trying to find the missing part, but I'm not sure which part it is. Looking on jegs, I see different ones with different diameters ect, ranging in price as well. I found one that I think is right, but I'm hoping that someone here may know for sure if it will work with the stock lines that are already in place. The one that I found is here Trans Dapt #969-1050

Thanks for any input. It's on a fresh change right now, but when the next one is due I want to put the relocation kit back into play.