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Thread: 4 8" subs

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    4 8" subs

    Whats up every one. I'm currently building a 93 single cab dime. I am 6' tall and want to run a good sounding system. I'm thinking about running either 4 kicker cvt 8's or 4 rockford 8's. I was wondering if anyone has picks of a single cab set up they have. I want the seat all the way back so im gonna run 8's, but picks of any will be good. thanks
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    Air space is gonna be your issue. You might want to consider building a center console to help with the air space. I was taking measurements for a 1st gen single cab for a buddy who is 6'2" and I couldn't fit 4 8"s behind the seats for him. However, we were planning on running bigger/better 8"s such as DD or SA. those are a little bigger and take more space. We decided to run a single 10" or 12" on the pass side. You might be able to fit 2-3 8" in a center console.
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