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Thread: any 1911 .45 owners

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    any 1911 .45 owners

    I have a buddy who im also in a band with. anyways went out shooting and he brought his rock island armory 1911. its chambered in .45 I guess RIA also has a 38 super and a 9mm 1911 model. his is an entry level 1911 meaning its not got the adjust able trigger and a few other options are missing. but you can upgrade everything. Starts around $400 at the local retailer and I have seen them online under $500. have anyone of ever heard anything good or bad about rock island armory/ Armcor. there a Philippines company with there headquarters just about an hour away from vegas. all there firearms come with a life time warranty. as long as you have not taken a dremell tool to the weapon. I have seveal other handguns mostly handed down to me and this will be my first new firearm
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    i have shot a few, the ones i shot i personally didn't care for. Then again im heavily biased to my Springfield 1911.

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    Don't know anything about that company, but the 1911 is my favorite style. I have a Para 1911 (pretty much a kimber) and it's smooth as hell.

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    Not sure on the brand, but i own a Colt Govt model 45 and a Springfield Stainless Loaded 1911, they're by far my favorite handguns to shoot. Not really practical to carry tho, uncomfortable and harder to conceal.
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    Buy a Springfield and never regret it. By far some of the best customer service from any business I have ever dealt with. And they make a lot of different levels of 1911's so there is one for pretty much every price range. I would recommend a "loaded" model. A little bit of a price tag for a gun but once you get the 1911 bug you will want everything the loaded model has and you can't upgrade a gi model to a loaded model for the price difference.
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    i have a springfield and the kimber that are bone stock and i love them both. i think the kimber is a slightly smoother firearm to fire. but im old fashioned and favor my colt army its never let me down and ive put it through some pretty rough treatments while i was on tour. pricing and reliability i would go with the springfield they are also easier to come by for the smaller parts. lets face it. your first tear down to clean you may not keep track of it all. field stripping is not cleaning. remember that.
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    They got pretty good reviews, I have a few friends that own them and they love them. I have read several articles on them and they are accurate (as the user allows) and they have a pretty good rating (4 out of 5 stars) from those who have owned them. I am in the market for one myself being I have 4 kids and have to shoot on a budget most of the time

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