Hello follks im about to begin swaping in a 4 barrel carbed 1973 L-48 that i picked up for $225 into my 91 4wd s10 blazer that my second 4.3 is fried so im just trying to find out what else i need to cram it in i got the conversion kit off jegs that came with the headers,mounts and oil pan also i got a fuel pressure regulator so i could keep the stock fuel pump.

So whats left i know i need fans the v8 only came with the alt and the water pump can i use the 4.3s power steering pump on it.

Sorry if i sound retarded im used to messing with mercedes diesels nothing puts a smile on my face smoking a rice boy in a 5 cylinder turbodiesel wagon only 150hp but 250tq and black smoke from hell lol.