I bought some stacked red LED 3157 bulbs for my 95 blazer....kinda like these:

When I put all 4 into the sockets, it permanently trips my brake lights including the OE third strip on the roof and the Line of Fire I had hooked up to the trailer harness.... Without touching the brake pedal; just turning on lights will trip.

When I put 2 bulbs in, one on each side, it works fine but looks silly with one all LED and one a slower incandescent.

HOW CAN I PUT ALL 4 IN WITHOUT THE TRIP? I have some experience in wiring but none with diodes. I've read that I can use an upgraded flasher kit and some have told me I need a diode (but nobody knows amperage or placement).

Please help. I just got new tail light housings and would like to install these bulbs at the same time since I spent $30 a long time ago on them. Part numbers, links, details greatly appreciated!