I purchased a Hayden 3654 dual fan/dual speed controller to run my Contour fan setup.

The contour fans have two terminals in each fan and a resistor pack in the lower corner with two terminals. I have a Ford factory wiring harness with all weather-pak connectors.

The Hayden 3654 has two blue wires for full speed and two orange wires for low speed; the unit has a tiny ground wires that I assume only grounds out the controller and not the fans. I have wiring and crimp terminals available.

By testing the Hayden 3654 with a battery and a pot of water, it kicks on the orange low speed wires at about 8v. 10* later it kicks in the high speed at about 8v while the orange wires are also still supplying voltage.

SHOULD I USE THE FACTORY WIRING HARNESS? Do I need to use the resistor pack on the fans to achieve the two speeds? Should I bypass the resistor pack and only use the Hayden controller? But 4 supply wires and only 4 terminals....

I've looked at dozens of diagrams and posts from jeeps, mustangs, f bodies using these fans but nothing is clear. The only thing I've seen to hold true is the negative terminal from each fan gets jumped from fan one to fan two and then chassis grounded. HOW DO I HOOK UP MY SUPPLY WIRES TO ACHIEVE BOTH SPEEDS?

Temp only. I'm not running an air conditioner.