since I haven't posted in ahile and I been thinking about posting this here it goes

my 02 a/c is blowing hot air when I stop at red light, in traffic. but seems to be fine when I first start it & when im driving, It blows cold (enough) till It gets warm and im at a light/traffic. thenstarts to blow warmer/ warm air. soon as I get going above 25mph for more than a few hundred feet it cools of again. WTF!!!! any ideas? also I live in vegas and it was 117 sunday. also it seems to do this on any day closer to 80/90 and up. and in vegas I need a/c I got 3 kids and a wife there begging me to get this fixed.

I have a few ideas in my head of what it could be but im not expert. I know a lot of cars in this town don't have that problem mostly newer ones. but Idk anything about the a/c system and I don't truct anyone here in this town to look at it. just rather knock it out myself.

thanks in advance guys