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Thread: WTB various 1st Gen Blazer parts (91)

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    WTB various 1st Gen Blazer parts (91)

    Purchased a 91 2dr 2wd blazer last fall with a 350/th350 and lots of other mods, but am missing quite a few things and would like to tie up a ton of loose ends with it. I'm hoping theres a few people here that might be able to help?
    Heres a short vid posted by the previous owner. I haven't made any newer ones yet, or taken many pics.
    The previous owner made a number of mods but removed more items from it than indicated when I bought it.... I own a restoration/performance/fab/speed shop so having an incomplete shop truck just wont cut it! Seems this generation of trucks is getting harder to find odd/small parts, so hopefully joining here will help!

    Looking for:

    1.Complete wiper arm and mechanism assembly. (I have nothing but the switch on the column..)
    2.Seat belts. There is nothing but an aftermarket aircraft type lap belts, so I need everything. (black prefferebly)
    3.Rear seat. Condition isn't too important. It's got black leather from a Bravada up front, so I'm sure I'll have to re-upholster whatever I find.
    4. A/C box on the firewall side. (not too critical as I have Vintage Air kits on the shelf, but still have all the oem under the dash now)
    5. Rear window switch/panel for left side gauge cluster.
    6. interior storage bags for rear wheel houses (prev owner removed them and left lots of marks in the rear panels along with spray painting over old glue lines.)
    7. Rear axle (has an Auburn posi'd 3.73 in it now, but discovered loose ring gear bolts the first day I drove it. Now it whines.) Not real picky on rear, and would entertain 9", 12 bolts, disk brake, etc. Nothing above 3.90-4.10 please. Dont really have much time to spend to re-build it right now, so even a core I can send to my axle shop is fine too.

    I've got a stroked LQ4 (416ci)/T56 waiting for enough shop time to swap, but would be interested in a set of LS swap headers too so I don't have to spend the time building a set.

    Anybody? Thanks! I can be reached at (319) 930-1931 nearly 24/7. Texts or pics to that number are welcome!
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    If you were in FL, I have a stock gov'loc with 3.42 drum rear sitting in the garage.

    Good luck on everything else, and Welcome to the site.
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