OK......Replaced all the main components in the fuel system just a little over a year ago ...Fuel pump, Spider Injector and Fuel Filter. A few days ago went to start and no go. Listened for Fuel Pump to kick on and nothing so I figured fuel pump relay went out since I never replaced it. Put the new one in and still no go. Figured it was the fuel pump since I did opt to buy the cheaper one when I replaced it. Bought a new Delphi pump and installed along with the harness that came with it and soldered the wire's instead of using the crimp connectors. Hit the switch and nothing. Read in the manual it has a switch built in with the oil pressure switch so I replaced the oil switch too and still nothing. I am at a loss right now.......am I missing something ?? Figured I covered all the bases but to no avail I am missing something I guess. Have any of you had this problem before ??? I need some enlightenment here. Thanks for anyone that can help a Blazer Lovin Fool out.

Had the same problem with my 93 4.3 Vortec Blazer but the oil pressure switch fixed that and my 87 2.8 S15 TBI ...well all I can say 246000 miles and she's still kickin. Can't kill that one .....LOL