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Thread: LS 6.0 swap ?'s

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    LS 6.0 swap ?'s

    I have installed 350's in a couple first gens. I have a 86 Blazer neighbor has a 6.0 and 4L80 for 700.00 any tips on what I I need all the exhaust sensors? factory harness, or aftermarket? I know there will be a lot more wiring than a typical V8 swap and just modifying the stock s10 harness.
    I have never had a LS series motor and heard that they are a good reliable stock engine with lots of upgrade potential, and I can still retain decent mileage over the typical carbed v8 swap...any tips? thank you in advance.

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    Lt1swap has all the wiring info. You will need the upstream of sensors. I have to get my driveshaft cut again. It is not that bad just more wiring. Lol.

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    Here's a couple threads on mine. Is a 2005 LQ4 with a LS1 intake and some Comp Cams goodies then a 4L80 behind it, fit quite well once i switched to a 2wd frame actually.!/page4!

    Took me about 3 years start to finish, I didn't work on it for those 3 years solid tho. Most of the work was done all last winter. Any questions shoot! Oh ya, and A LOT of wiring haha. I did it all my self and saved 1000$ on a swap harness.

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