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Thread: For sale, 1995 Blazer 2 Dr, 4WD, dropped, as-is. $600

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    For sale, 1995 Blazer 2 Dr, 4WD, dropped, as-is. $600

    Hey everyone. It's been a long time since I've been around here, and a long time since I've driven my old blazer. Looks like the forum has changed a bunch, and more than half of my posts disappeared. Another crash and no backups I'm guessing.

    Anyways, my old blazer has been sitting at my parents house for a few years. It was going to be my sisters first car, but she's afraid to drive something larger, and it needs a little work to be roadworthy. I'll see if I can track down some old pictures, and if my parents can take some newer ones. The truck is located in Hatboro (SEPA, outside philly) Anyways, here's a list of what it has, and what needs help.

    The good stuff:
    95 Blazer 2 door, 4WD, ~160k with original motor and trans, green with a tan interior
    Like new, NTB brand tires Sigma's I think. 215's so they don't rub with it's mild drop. Estimating no more than 7-10k on them, pretty much all highway.
    Belltech 2" drop blocks
    Belltech Nitro Drop 2's all around
    Energy Suspension urethane lower profile bump stops
    Euro Tails - I probably still have the factory tails somewhere.
    Roof rack removed
    Chrome monza dual round slant exhaust tip welded straight on the back of it
    Conversion headlights with silverstar bulbs
    Clear Corner/Bumper lights
    LMC All Chrome repro grill with billet inserts (grill is cracked on one side a little, but looks fine) and billet bowtie emblem.
    Stock intake tube, but with bendy tube and cone-type spectre air filter down lower in the engine bay. The cone air filter was nasty and rusty. Factory air box re-installed with standard paper filter.
    MSD ignition coil
    Cross-Drilled front brake rotors
    Bendix Performance Brake pads
    Plugs and wires have less than 5k miles on them, intake manifold gasket has less than 20k on it. Water pump was replaced around this time as well. 180* Thermostat installed.
    Starter has about 20k on it.
    Fuel pump and sending unit were replaced when I got the car with ~120k on it
    Replaced the EGR valve not long after I bought it
    Alpine CDA-9883 with iPod Cable, Sirius Radio module - Serious antenna on rear passenger side roof.
    Alpine 4 channel amp running Polk DB690's in the back
    Polk DB650's in the doors
    Infinity 4x3 plate speakers in the dash

    What you should know:
    The passenger side door/quarter has a nasty dent toward the bottom where it bevels out. Somebody backed into me in a parking lot 4 years ago, didn't get fixed. Door opens, closes, and seals fine, window still goes up and down.
    The bumper and valance have been replaced, the fog lights aren't there anymore. Driver side door is missing it's spring, so when it's open, it swings freely.

    Somebody had swiped the front with the side of their car. No real damage, just a beat up valance and dinged bumper, so I replaced it. Also, why the grill is cracked a little on the passenger side.

    It needs a charcoal canister, and likely an O-ring around the sending unit. Either that or the evap line is disconnected. On a hot day, you can smell fuel. Throws a code for evap purge valve. The Evap Purge valve has been replaced.

    Tap on the drivers side of the motor. Currently running on 5 cylinders. Likely needs a rocker or rod. Yet to be diagnosed. I will update when/if this is fixed or diagnosed.
    This has been repaired. A rod bounced off a rocker. The rocker and rod have both been replaced. Engine runs smooth. Asking price is now $700 OBO because of cost of parts and time for the repair

    Brake booster hisses. Could just be a minor vacuum leak. Haven't dived into it. Brakes totally functional and you can safely stop, but pedal feels a little spongy.

    Throws a cam position sensor code, has ever since the intake manifold gasket was done, It is connected. Could be a bad connection, could need to be timed.

    No AC. The compressor and clutch on it seized up, and I just cut the hoses, and replaced it with a pulley that's bolted in its place.

    Rear seat belt clips broken. I drove it with the seats down most of the time anyways.

    She needs some help, but nothing unfixable or expensive. It's now driveable, and will pass a PA state inspection.

    That pretty much covers it- if I think of anything else I'll edit this post.

    Feel free to make any reasonable offers, asking is $700, reasonable for all the aftermarket/audio stuff. This will either make a good starter project, or a great donor/parts truck.

    Just got word the rear brakes failed. They will be repaired before sold. Asking price subject to change depending on repair cost. Will update ASAP.

    Please email me if you would like to make an offer, or reply to this post with any questions. My email address is shawjefft (at) gmail (dot) com. PM or email me for a phone number if you'd like to discuss.

    Here are the photos I could find:
    My favorite picture of it in it's prime:

    Pretty much as she sits now, with the new bumper on - you can see the crack in the grill near the passenger side headlight- doesn't look bad at all:
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    Good luck selling it!

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    Thanks John! Hope you're doing well. It's been a while. Hoping to make it down toward Pittsburgh some time this year.

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    Bump, updated a few things. The Blazer still lives, and is still looking for her next owner. I'm almost tempted to buy it back as a project myself.

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    Oh if you were closer I would soooo be all over this. I really REALLY need a daily to beat around in.
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    Alright, last call!
    The rear brakes were just completely redone-cylinders, shoes, drums and springs. Unfortunately a brake line blew open while bleeding them. We can cut out the broken section and clamp a hose on so you can get it onto a trailer or a short drive, but will not be fixing it any further. My dad is ripping out the speakers, amp and head unit within the week and it's going to scrap for $400 if we dont get any offer. Engine runs great, and this would make a fantastic donor truck. 4+ years of sitting has taken its toll, and you'd put a bunch into it with body/rust repair if you wanted to keep it as is. If you need any specific parts, let me know and I'll see if we can pull them before it goes to a junkyard.


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    Man if I lived closer I'd be all over it. It's a shame to see it go.
    Check out my ride.


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