I have a 4dr 2nd gen blazer. it was originally 4wd but I removed the front diff. and transfer case and used a 2wd trans. I know, I know "why'd you lower a 4x4", "why not sell it and get a 2wd"...I've heard them all. 2wd 4dr is very rare in Canada. I'm not switching to a 2dr cause I have a small child and the extra door is more convenient..

Now that that's outta the way, I'm looking to see what some ppl have done with their rear setups. also, if anyone else has bagged a 4dr that was originally 4wd, what did you do about bagging the front.

I was wondering, since I have removed the front diff and there are no axles there, could I make a pocket in the frame, plate the lower control arm, and run it like that? Can anyone see an issue with that? Not enough room?won't lay frame?