I've been buying parts and doing research for a while now and I hope I'm ready because I'm going to saw off the front clip of my Izuzu Hombre this week. I have 2x4 tube ready and figured it would be best to ditch the factory frame entirely. My main questions before I start is to achieve a stock floor I plan on cutting out the tranny tunnel and moving it up. It's right at the fire wall that concerns me. I was thinking of actually moving the whole front clip forward about 4 inches so that I can raise it up into the engine bay without having to cut out too much of the firewall and completely redesigning the whole dash. I figured this would give me the room to not have to relocate the heater box and brake cylinder. I have no problem lengthening the hood or adding to the fenders. That's what funny-car body parts are for. If I have to move the whole bed forward a little to get the rear wheels centered I don't mind cropping it if I have to. I just really want to avoid having to custom cut the drive axle. I know I'll have to notch the underside of the cradle for reliefs for the steering arms even with the custom ones. I figured I'd flip the whole thing over to cut out the spring pockets before I weld it back together. Is there anything I'm forgetting about before I start? I don't want to get stuck half way through it!