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Thread: Power inventors how much is to much

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    Power inventors how much is to much

    Hey every one. So I spend my life on the road. I've been using a cobra 400 watt inventor for years with no issues. It powers my laptop and an occasional soldering iron. The only thing is it tends to kill the battery about every 18 months. I have your typical battery and stock alt in my 02 blazer. I know if I went with a optima I'd have a better longer battery life. Or a dual purpose deep cycle battery it would also benefit me. But that's not really my question.

    I've been looking at those cooler / refrigerator deals at the truck stop and I just purchased a travel coffee maker. Just trying to pinch penny's on the road.

    My question is this, I'm looking to upgrade my inverter I was looking at the 1000 watt and there's a 1500 watt on sale what's the rule of thumb here? Can my truck handle powering a larger inverter how big can I go? Also this truck does not shut off for day once I start it in the morning it's doesn't power off until I get home with the exception of getting gas going into a store. And the inverter is setup to power on and off with my ignition so I don't out excess strain on the battery.

    I guess I'm looking for a general rule of thumb here. I am looking into alt upgrades but lets not consider that in this scenario. For what I have how big can I go?
    Thanks every one.
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    i work on comcast trucks and they have 1000 watt inverters but they have a second battery added near the inverter
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