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Thread: 700r4 to nv3500 help

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    700r4 to nv3500 help

    ok so i have

    96 s10 blazer 4.3 vortec nv3500 4wd motor is junk brand new slave,clutch and flywheel less then 500 miles on them.

    91 s10blazer 4.3 tbi 700r4 4wd tranny is junk.

    can i take the nv3500 and put it in the 91 will this work?

    what all do i need to take from the 96 for the swap to fit it in the 91
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    I've been tossing around the idea of running a NV3500 in my 91 also. You'll need a clutch pedal set from a 1st gen truck as the 2nd gen's use completely different pedals.

    I was going to transfer over the clutch hydraulics from my NV3500. There will need to be a hole cut in the firewall for the master cylinder.

    Not much else to carry over that I can think of. For the shift hole the 1st gen shift boot and insulator seems to make the most sense, but I haven't mocked anything up.

    Driveshaft length and transmission mount may be different too.
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