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Thread: Same problem?

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    Same problem?

    Ok, here goes.. The wife bought me a blazer for our anniversary. Its a 96 with an updated front grill and extreme ground effects.salvage title, vin on glovebox comes back to a 96 jimmy so its not the original dash. 215k supposed engine swap with one thats got 75k. got in it the morning she gave it to me and boom, dead battery. had it checked, came back bad. New duralast gold. Started up..backed out, shifted to drive, got 20 yrds and sputtered and died. started right back up, dtove good for a block, sputter, all the idiot lights come on but it doesnt die. get to autozone and its throwin 3 tps codes. replace tps..still random sputtering, eventuslly even at idle parked., wants to die at lights unless i brake easy, and sputters and lights the dash up under acceleration from a stop. Supposed to be new fue pump, i did the pressure test and its not leaking down. press guage read 64 key on engine off. 60 @ idle. up to 64 when hit the gas but right back down to 60.. 55 after shutoff, then climbs to 63...and holds. thought i saw fuel in tranny tunnel like it was being sprayed from a line but cant see it spraying under any i replace the rusty sections of line with fi hose & clamps. no leaks, drives great on the way home except for shifting in and out of overdrive. Go to start it 2 days dater and boom, COMPLETELY dead battery.. ANY thoughts? The brake light fuse blew a week before i did the fuel lines but hasnt since. the key buzzer was staying on while driving but i found the door plunger on driver side was broke so i unplugged it. didnt do it anymore. but 2 days later batt was all the way 0.0 on digital meter. sorry im rambling, i just want to ggive a detailed description of my problem(s?) oh yeah. about 2 days before i changed the lines, i got p1040, p0300, and p1122.
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