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Thread: Spray foam inside tailgate. Any linkages or areas to worry about?

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    Spray foam inside tailgate. Any linkages or areas to worry about?

    Have a 99 blazer and the tail gate rattles pretty good, even with my system turned down low. If I turn it up, the flex is horrible. I was thinking about using some spray foam inside it, but I'm worried that i may not be able to open the gate/glass if there are any linkages that get enclosed in the foam.

    Are there any areas to avoid, or is it ok to do the whole gate?

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    First of all, you should locate the source of the rattle. They didn't rattle when new, something has come loose. If something is loose, it is most likely an operational part like linkages or latches, it could even be an out of place wire coupler clinking against a bracket. LOCATE THE NOISE SOURCE FIRST.

    Most spray foams have a very low R value of insulating so you will not gain much acoustical properties with off-the-shelf expanding foams. Also, many people that have done it have complained about bulging panels when the foam expands as well as residual fumes for a few days. Long term effects will eventually break down the foam and attract/trap water. It will cause a mess of cleanup if you ever attempt to take it out.

    If you still want to go through with it, you can isolate your moving parts (and parts that shouldnt get gummed up) with plastic shields that won't allow the foam to get to them. You can put the linkags bars in small conduits and then foam all around the conduit while the linkage slides freely inside the conduit.

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