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Thread: New rides???

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    New rides???

    What took the S10 out of the picture or placed it on the back burner?

    My new daily and what I'm trying not spend money on....2012 GMC Denali 2500hd Durtymax 4x4 Z71

    I still have the blazer and don't plan on getting rid of her
    Tuned by Bland Tuning
    Transmission built by Transbuilderguy on FSC!
    Marine Intake swap by me

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    very nice!!
    '50 Chevy Styleline... aka Voodoo Sled... 4dr to become a 2dr... choptop to come... 5.3/4l60e to come... bagged and laid out to come...
    Build Thread

    '88 Blazer... Dropped 6in.. suicide hood... suicide doors... handmade one-off phantom grill... shaved bumper... shaved cowl... shaved doorhandles... frenched license plate... 350/TH350....My Blaz Page Check out my Suicide Hood How-to Suicide Hood Pics

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    Nice rig. Congrats! Any future mod plans for it?

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    I've been through a few Blazers since I had an active project that I posted about. My S-10 pickup was by far my most popular and involved project that many of you may remember. But now I've moved on to the big brother version of my S-10. It even has basically the same interior.

    2000 Sierra, lowered just a lil bit.

    I also make the payments on a '17 Impreza... but I hardly ever get to actually drive it.

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