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Thread: So... it's been a minute

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    So... it's been a minute

    Hey guys. Seems like it's been decades since I was active on here. I still see some familiar names floating around. I got rid of my old Blazer and got into mud racing. I did that for about 8 years. That was long enough for me to decide I wanted to go back to a cleaner form of motorsports. I picked up a S-10 today that' partially built. My winter project will be putting my BBC in it (850hp) along with a powerglide and a bunch of other racing things.

    How you fags been?
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    Not many of us around anymore, I still check in every few days. I was gonna build a new motor for my blaz but I think I might just cleanup and put the old motor back in it and sell it. Dont have the time or funds for 2 projects and I really want to get the 50 on the road. Who knows, I said the same thing last year...
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    Im around just don't post much but very still into my blazers

    just LS-swapped my 01 Xtreme

    Good to see you're still alive, mister.

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    I'm still around, love this site to much to leave it.
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