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Thread: Long time no hear or post

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    Long time no hear or post

    Hello.. I don't think I've posted since maybe 2005ish...

    Just thought I'd stop by and see whats doing...

    I still have my 2000 Blazer, but its in my Dad's garage, like 2+ hours north of me, because I got divorced and moved south down to the country.

    Saw an extreme with some rims on it at a Car lot on the way to work and it reminded me of here...
    Other than that one I just saw, No one down here has Custom S-10s or minis...

    Mines developed some wiring daemons where I think the dash lights are out, the high beams won't engage and I think either one or both windows don't roll down...

    Its not been licensed in several years, just sits in the Garage, every now and then myself or my dad will pull it out and run it around the block, but thats about it...

    Since no one else has one down here in the country, I'd kinda like to get it back going again.. Just don't know if I want to put the time or money into it...
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    Hey there, I remember you

    Welcome back! Oddly enough, you picked a good time. First time I've been doing work to these forums in years
    this is a test of the sig

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    I don't see any custom trucks around my way these days. Even huge lifted redneck style trucks are few and far between. Oddly enough, the only 2 of us in my area with lowered trucks are full size 4x4 pickups.

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