I don't currently own a Blazer but I am poised to jump at a decent late model 2 door, 2 wheel drive. In the mean time I do my best to keep my pickup on the road and make the payments on the hatchback.

2000 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4. Just clicked over 80K miles.

This is how it sits now. Lowered 2/5 to level it and painted the tire letters red. Nothing too fancy.

This is my goal on how I want it to look. I can't photoshop metal flake paint so image that, too.

Ridin' rails hauling pea gravel.

The "before" picture from when I got it.

I also have a '17 Subaru Impreza that my wife drives. We saved up so we could get one that is totally loaded. We special ordered it to get exactly what we wanted (every bell and whistle minus the add-on plastic pieces).

So what are you guys driving these days?