Hello every one
So I bagged this jimmy 8 or so years ago. Pics here http://www.blazinlow.com/forum/showt...-some-progress I had a defective ball joint but other than that it was great until I sold it to some greasy dude. He let his son drive it so it could be seen in his town and then he flipped it and the new owner took it 300 miles away to its new home. Shortly after a oil cooler line backed out and the kid spun a crank bearing. I saw it on craigslist and got it back. A few years later I moved out of state and its still sitting in my car port. I have a 4l80E and 6L out of a 07 ss silverado waiting to go in it. I plan to change a few air ride parts as well. I would post pics but it looks like this forum doesn't host photos?