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Thread: Well hello blazin low

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    Well hello blazin low

    Damn I havent been on here in years and its great to come back and see we are still alive!! Just wanted to drop in and say Hi to everyone and say that I still own my blazer and its still in pieces lol. I now have a 09 Duramax with a 7" lift and a ton of work. Plus a bunch of other toys, life kind of got in the way of the blazer for now but i do plan on finishing it one day in my life time. I purchased a new house about 3 years ago that was a forclosure and have been dumping all my extra money into that. I've also had 2 kids so those little bastards take alot of my money as well. Im glad everyone is still here and this site is still kicking. I was thinking the other day how much I missed driving my blazer when I passed one on the road and thought to myself I'd love to find one as a daily driver just for fun. Then i came here and its still a thing! hope everyone is doing well and your projects are going better than mine. I will try and check back more regularly!
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    DRUNK411 (11:56:37 PM): why would u even subject yourself to that being a woman and all
    DRUNK411 (11:56:46 PM): I mean would u really want that on the internet

    That is how we felt about the thread below. Check it out if you dare it is very scary!!

    How we felt on this post

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    Damn haven’t seen you in in forever. This is the first time I’ve been in here in a good while too

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    I still check in regularly to see whats happening. Ive still got my blaz as well tho it is in pieces as well. Been building a 1950 Bel Air for th past few years that has most of my attention
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