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Thread: front end drop

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    front end drop

    I hard that if you chop half a coil off the front springs while doing the conversion, It would give you like a 2 or 3 inch drop.. is that true..

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    chopped coil

    ARe you talkin about cutting the front coil in half? If so yea it sure will drop it. It will be ridin on your control arms. I bought my blazer and it was lowered like that and it bottumed out over like a rock... If your thinkin about cutting springs just save your money and do it right for @100$. Unless you like body"neck" jaring action.

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    If you get drop spindles and cut half a coil or a full coil off your front spring, you can get up to a 4in drop. Drop coils up here are almost $200, so they aren't cheap for us, unless you have a friend in high places..if so, please let me know..hehe

    Don't just cut the coils down. The most I'd ever cut off a front spring is one coil. That's usually good for around 2in of drop, and then with the 2in drop spindles you get up to 4in (like I already said).


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    just go ahead and airbag it u know u want to!

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    hes talking about cuttin half of a turn on a coil spring. like a half circle looking piece. then putting a v8 in and it turning out into a 2-3 inch drop.
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