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Thread: '85 carb 2.8 swap to '91 TBI... An electrical headache

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    '85 carb 2.8 swap to '91 TBI... An electrical headache.. HELP PLEASE

    I'm putting a 4.3 TBI drivetrain & 2WD frame from a '91 model under an '85 4X4 that had a 2.8 with a carb. :D

    I know it's not a V8, so please don't chew my ass for being in the wrong forum. Besides you V8 guys usually know this shit......... :D

    I have the complete 4.3. wiring harness from the firewall forward. It fits the '85 harness plug at the firewall. I also have the computer and the harness from the '91 which is installed and was self contained. I just had to make a hole in the firewall for it to go through.

    The starter cranks and all of the interior lights/gauges work (oil pressure seems eratic).... I'm not getting any fire to start the motor? run the injectors?. :confused:

    Anybody done this conversion? Got any ideas? The FI fuel pump inside the gas tank is working when I supply voltage. Which wire on the fuel pump relay runs the pump?

    This was a running engine when swapped so I know I've goofed up somewhere along the way :rofl:
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    what you need to replace is the dash harness.get it from from a 88-90 with the 4.3.that way it will run.your 85 doesnt have the fuses for the fuel pump and is wired different.
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    also make sure that you have a positive wire from the battery to the back of that alternator. my blazer would not start b/c i forgot it.

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    then tan wire off the oil sending unit turns on and off the fuel pump on my 91 like rat said id bet you have a wiring problem my haynes manual says wiring changed in '91
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    SWAP THE DASH HARNESS. it plugged -in yes,but the pin locations are not located in the proper location,pull your dash out and put the newer dash in,bye-bye headaches......
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