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Thread: 01 sonoma front end

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    01 sonoma front end

    ok i wanted to do a 01 sonoma front end on my 96 jimmy...want to do somethin different i can get the main peices cheap what do i all need? do i need new brackets for everything or will it just bolt right on? thanx for help if u can give it to me! want to do somethin different
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    Im not completely sure dude, but if this helps you out i was gonna swap a 98 front end for a 96 front end, and some dude told me on that you need to swap the core support and put a 98 support mount for the new headlights and then get all the other front end shit.... not positive about the jimmy but im assuming its very similar, also there might be some minor wiring and shit u gotta do also... if that helped you - cool. if not sorry.

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