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    35s would be perfect, and bfgoodrich makes mud terrain 35s that mount onto an 18 inch rim. and you all know how 18s look in little s-10 wheelwells..

    back to the subject at hand
    im my own opinion, i dont think hooking up v6 engines, engines that werent really intended for lots of horsepower, but a cross between gas conservation and having a little bit of balls, is worth it. if you want somethin that is a gas guzzler, but puts out big hp numbers, and has a nice sound to it, get a v8. youd get more props doing a v8 conversion than you would trying to slap on a super charger or turbo charger.. i just dont think 4 or 6 cylinder engines are worth hooking up. sorry. im sure there will be people on this forum that love v6s and will try to contend this post. doesnt really matter what i think anyway
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