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    2 questions

    i am planing on droping a 350 into my blaze, and am wondering if the chevy ram horn exhaust manifold will work? just cus they exit stright down and in the middle. and i want to know if they will have any clreance problems. I got some for free the other day off my buddie. and #2 will the gauge cluster out of a second gen fit into a frist gen? thanks for you help.

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    #1 i believe i remember someone saying the mnifolds will NOt fit

    #2 it wont bolt rite in but with a LOT of modification it could be made to fit..

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    THey will not work. They will hit the motor mounts.

    As far as the guage cluster, you asking about just the cluster, or the whole dash? Either way, its a bunch of mods to get either in.

    You could probably do your own easier with aftermarket gauges. Thats my plan.
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    For factory manifolds in 2WD S10, I'm currently using early 90's BUICK station wagon V8 manifolds. Get all the Bolts and I even maintained the factory heat shields. These run the exhaust passage plenum higher than some other factory manifolds allowing you to set the motor lower. plug the EGRs with 1/4" pipe or if you can find 70's V-8 Monza manifolds some off these these were non-EGR "smooth" castings. I can send pictures if you want.

    I've also used Hooker 1 3/4" super comps with a tube that goes outside the frame (didn't like them as the slip joint leaked and the additional leverage of the tubing kept gaskets wearing out. I've also used the Sanderson s-10 headers (ok but I was running a 5-speed and had to clearance #5 header tube alot to clear the clutch master cylinder Also had to beat the passenger floor board up alot to clear.

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    #1.. Ram Horns.. NO.. but 83 up Camaro manifolds will also work. Look for them off a 350 TPI. They are a bigger outlet than the 305 version.

    #2 If it's a digital dash, you gotta be at the expert level in the wiring depatment.
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    I but a 350 in my blazer and i started to look at the steering column relocation portion of the swap and i decided to buy a set of headers from hooker out of jegs for $100 bucks. whatever you do GOOD LUCK
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